The HypaSwap protocol deals with multiple tokens and currencies like any other standard liquidity protocol. The native token of HypaSwap is $HYPA, an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. Tokens will be vested for a 2-month period.


When various DeFi protocols worldwide compete and struggle to increase liquidity by providing incentives to depositors, HypaSwap is a couple of steps ahead with an analyzed and controlled distribution of the $HYPA token.

Out of the total $HYPA supply, we will use a small percentage between 10%-20% (Fixed value to be determined) of the $HYPA tokens to create the $HYPA Reserve.

$HYPA token holders will control the $HYPA Reserve with the single aim of incentivizing the HypaSwap ecosystem and ensuring its advancement, growth, innovation, and development. Furthermore, HypaSwap will contribute an initial insurance deposit to the HypaSwap Safety Module from the $HYPA Reserve.

$HYPA Swap Incentives

$HYPA token holders will be able to submit proposals regarding the distribution of the $HYPA Reserve to the ecosystem to provide:

The periodic issuance of $HYPA for rewarding $HYPA token holders, i.e., liquidity providers and software developers improving the quality and liquidity of the HypaSwap ecosystem.
The periodic issuance of $HYPA for rewarding $HYPA token holders staking $HYPA to the HypaSwap Safety Module.
The sustainability and liquidity of HypaSwap will depend upon liquidity providers and liquidators, and as such, the HypaSwap protocol will provide governance power to such stakeholders and maintainers of $HYPA.
Systematic incentives will encourage users to participate more and stake $HYPA to the liquidity pool and attract policy-motivated users to accomplish the same. HypaSwap will reward these liquidity-enhancing participants with $HYPA tokens and with a portion of the fee generated on the HypaSwap platform.