HypaSwap Finance

HypaSwap is a hotspot of the decentralized economy with Lending and Borrowing as the core products of the platform. To ensure fair practice and hassle-free transactions, HypaSwap has deployed multiple measures regarding collateralization, liquidity pool condition, and external penetrations.

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Opening the gates for P2P Finance


Lend your assets to the HypaSwap protocol and create a liquidity pool consisting of multiple cryptocurrencies. On every transaction, a derivative is created upon the deposited amount on a 1:1 valuation that can be stored, traded, or redeemed.


Borrow the funds out of the liquidity pool in exchange for collateral. Once the amount is repaid with the interest, the collateral will be freed. Please note that the collateral must be 150% of the borrowed amount.

Governed & Managed by Community

A fully decentralized community without any central leadership where our community can interact and collaborate together to foster the development and administration of the HypaSwap Protocol.

Security & Audit

We ensure the top-notch security of your assets with comprehensive audits conducted by some of the most notable security organizations. On top of that, HypaSwap Protocol shall introduce a Safety Module and Bug Bounty programs.